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HOW TO... Make Confetti Eggs

   MAKE CONFETTI EGGS:  (Kids 6-106) Confetti eggs are a great family activity.  Young kids will enjoy decorating the empty egg shells -- try using Kool-aid powder and water, or non-toxic marking pens.   SUPPLIES: Chicken eggs, tissue, confetti, non-toxic glue.  Confetti Egg History  &   Gallery


  *Start with a chicken egg (Exterior Allows Easy Cracking)



1. Tap end off egg.




2. Shake out the egg's inside. (Use in a recipe)




3. Wash out the inside of egg.









4. Dry upside-down. (Once dry, consider coloring the exterior with a non-toxic pigment - marking-pens, food-color)


5.  Fill egg half full with confetti.



6. Circle with non-toxic glue.



7. Add a square of tissue paper on top to seal. (In a pinch, a large square of clear tape also works.)

8.  Let dry -- Placing them back in the egg carton works well. 


When thoroughly dry, your confetti eggs are ready to use...which includes smashing them above a head (NOT ON THE HEAD - that will hurt!).  Confetti decorated hair is a sign of honor, celebration, and a ritual of festivals and Fiestas of the US States that boarder Mexico.  Click for more history.

“These are tons of fun!”  said Alaxandra  after smashing a confetti-filled egg above her fellow girl scout’s head. 

See these Girl Scouts enjoyed making and smashing confetti-filled eggs.  Or check out the Confetti Egg History  or  Gallery.

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