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Minute of Honor, 2015

Days to Honor, 1960

MEN of the MARIE


55th YEAR


 June 7-21, 2015



Minute of Honor for Marie from Newton-Terres on Vimeo.

Seven men set out at sunrise, 7 a.m., on Tues, June 7, 1960 aboard the converted landing craft Marie from Santa Barbara Harbor. Their destination? The waters off Santa Cruz Island most likely around Smugglers Cove.  Their mission? Testing underwater classified infrared communication equipment as part of a U.S. defense industry contract.  Those men ( scientist, engineers, scuba divers, and guest) were never seen alive again.  More...




MARIE REMEMBERED: Seven Men Lost at Sea Expanding the Frontiers of Infrared

(Short documentary, 19min)


Watch the film and honor the men lost at sea serving free worlds national security interests, June 7, 1960.







Man in his search for knowledge always has had to confront nature, in the air, on land or at sea.  Since the beginning of time this has been so. Only among the brave, the pioneers, will you find men who willingly meet nature in the quest for knowledge alone.  The men aboard the MARIE were dedicated to this purpose.  

Gordon Humphrey, Raytheon Communicator, Raytheon Santa Barbara Operations, July 1960




Seven Men Honored

One Man An Eminent Scientist:


Dr. Niel F. Beardsley

"The contributions a man makes to his chosen field of endeavor sometimes go far beyond the work which actually bears his signature.  This is particularly true of Niel F. Beardsley, a pioneer in infrared..."  

Dr. Maxwell Krasno 1961


L. Dale Howell

Paul T. Lovette

Harold (Hal) H. Mackie, Jr.

H. James (Jim) McCaffrey

James (Jim) C. Russell

Diego (Jim) S. Terres, Jr.


I consider these men as being as worthy of hero stature as the pilot of the U2 planes, because even though they did not know that their lives were in danger, they did die while undertaking a project to help insure the safety of the free world.

Markham Field MacLin, SB News Press,

17 June 1960



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