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Diego Santos Terres, Jr.

Diego S. Terres, Jr., 29, went by the name Jim because it''s the English translation of Diego.  Jim graduated from Santa Barbara High School prior to graduating from California Polytechnic University's with a BS in mechanical engineering.  He served in the Navy during the Korean War as a jet engine mechanic aboard the aircraft carrier, USS Yorktown.  He was an accomplished scuba diver, diving wet-suit craftsman, pilot since age 14, and general sportsman.  He had worked for Raytheon's Infrared Division for less than a year.  His next of kin included a wife and four children as well as a father Diego S. Terres, Sr., mother, Maria, and brother, Albert Terres.  Jim Terres was lost at sea and one of the three victims never recovered.

Jim's father Diego S. Terres, Sr. immigrated from Spain and came to Santa Barbara with his family after spending a year farming in Hawaii as a young boy.... he became a developer of several business properties in Old Town Goleta, California.

  * Image of Terres appeared in the Santa Barbara News-Press, Friday Evening, June 10, 1960




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