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Infrared - "communicating over a beam of light"


Infrared isn't a top secret science and technology, and can be easily understood within the study of LIGHT.   Leveraging today's  capabilities of "seeing in the dark" or  "communicating over a beam of light," you can gain a glimpse of the electronic equipment the research team on the MARIE had the opportunity to work with.  We may never know exactly what tests were being conducted when the men were lost at sea; however, what we do know is that the men were conducting secret scientific undersea experiments expanding the frontiers of infrared.  "It was a secret program, using secret equipment and the experiment itself was classified secret," said Miles Burke a former Raytheon Company employee in U.S. District Court, Los Angeles, May 1963.  And a simple study of LIGHT will go far to gain perspective on the covert communications the men strove to make a difference in America's national security capabilities on land, under-water, and in the heavens using infrared systems.


Infrared Today

Today, infrared use under the surface of the sea is more prevalent.  One application, Infrared Photography, uses seeing in the dark photography equipment to capture video footage of an octopus at home in the ocean depths without any disturbing light being emitted (click here).  Learn about infrared's history and other applications by clicking here; or, check out the


Study of Light & Mirrors

For a greater understanding of the science of LIGHT, check out any middle school science book; or, one of the Physic's of Toys books below which one of Dr. Beardsley's friends, Dr. Levinstein, at Syracuse University  used to increase appreciation of Physics. Or, consider visiting  your local Science Museum and gain hands on knowledge. 





Watch the above study of laser light through water as an example of what the men on the "Marie" were doing with infrared.









The Physic's of Toys*

Class of Prof. Levinstein

Syracuse University "family" of Dr. Beardsley


Book One, Notes by Elaine Miller: 1.pdf


Book Two, Notes by Diane Kucinskas,, 1978:

* See Infrared Spectrum: Book Two, 26-28 2.pdf


Celebrating 50 Years of Lasers



Science Museums:  Across America, Science Museums offer an array of exhibits and activities that give insights into the art and science of light, mirrors, and infrared.   Here's a selection of places and their  internet links that also offer on-line discovery:

- Mid America Science Museum, Arkansas

- Museum of Discovery, Arkansas

- California Science Center

- California Exploratorium

     *  Infrared Crystal Detector - interactive activity

     * Infrared Remote Control - Lesson with Paul Doherty

     * Light path through water - interactive activity

     * Global Climate Sea Temperatures

- Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

     * Exhibit on Imaging & YOU

- Science Museum, Virginia

- Science Museum, West Virginia

- Museum of Science, Boston

    * Life in the Surface of the Sea

   * Remote Sensing and Monitoring of the Sea





Rejoice because we can.





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