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James Clifford Russell

James C. Russell, 32, had been with Raytheon for four years and was an infrared section manger as well as project manager for Dr. Beardsley's infrared project that ended up on the MARIE.   A native of New York, he had lived in California for twenty years.  He attended the University of California at Berkeley, graduating in 1951 with BS in mechanical engineering.  He was with Gillfillon Brothers, lnc., of Los Angeles before joining Raytheon.  He was known to be an avid skin (scuba) diver.  At the time of his loss, his next of kin included a wife and daughter as well as his mother and brother. 

He was the fourth victim recovered near Pt. Mugu, Tuesday, 21 June 1960.  The county autopsy listed the cause of death as shock, due to exposure, and or asphyxia, due to drowning.

  * Image of Russell appeared in the Santa Barbara News-Press, Friday Evening, June 10, 1960




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