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Resources & Links


Cold War:


- Cold War History Museum

- Film reels of news: U2 & Reconnaissance


National Security:

- Manhattan Project

- First Successful Remote Sensing Satellite - Corona

- Military Weather Satellites

- First Successful Corona Remote Sensing Satellite Built By Lockheed Martin Marks 50 Year Anniversary



- First man in space program

- NASA tells of first man in space

- NASA Mercury Project


Santa Barbara Channel:


- Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary

- NOAA: Wrecks and Obstructions

- NOAA:  School learning exercise

- Shipwreck in  SB Channel with photos

- Shipwrecks of the Santa Barbara Channel

- Shipwrecks of the SB Channel

- Trivia about Santa Barbara, California

- Wrecks and Obstructions

- Wrecks offer window to the past



- Shipwrecks, Smugglers and Maritime Mysteries, by Eugene D. Wheeler and Robert E. Kallman. (page 96 includes the Marie Shipwreck)

- Wrecks and Reefs! Shipwrecks and Artificial Reefs of Southern California for Fishermen and Divers, by Jeff Spira.

- The Silent War - The Cold War Battle Beneath The Sea, by John Pina Craven, Simon & Schuster 2001.

- The E-BOMB: How America's new Directed Energy Weapons will Change The Way Future Wars Will Be Fought, by Doug Beason, Ph.D.


Science Museums:

- Mid America Science Museum, Arkansas

- Museum of Discovery, Arkansas

- California Science Center

- California Exploratorium

     *  Infrared Crystal Detector - interactive activity

     * Infrared Remote Control - Lesson with Paul Doherty

     * Light path through water - interactive activity

     * Global Climate Sea Temperatures

- Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

     * Exhibit on Imaging & YOU

- Science Museum, Virginia

- Science Museum, West Virginia

- Museum of Science, Boston

    * Life in the Surface of the Sea

   * Remote Sensing and Monitoring of the Sea

Coast Guard:  

- Coast Guard Historian

- Cape Sable, CG95334


Santa Barbara Scuba Diving:

- Paradise Dive Club


Office of Naval Research Projects 1960:

- SOund SUrvelliance System (SOSUS) - NOAA

- Sound Survelliance System history

- Bathyscaphe TRIESE


Infrared and Optical Communications:

- IR and Optical Light Reading

- Raytheon

- Seeing in the Dark Photography

- Learning more about infrared uses

- Green laser used under the sea


- FASTCOMPAY:  Where is the next new frontier?  I was interested in this project because, aspects of the research mission of the MARIE - infrared working through water.


Wright Air Development Center (WADC)

Air Technical Intelligence Center (ATIC)

- Foreign and Captured Aircraft examined at WADC

Milstar - A WADC project

-  Silver Bug - A WADC project


Oral History Empowerment :

Learn how the Smithsonian is inspiring and empowering you to capture their Oral History: The Smithsonian Folklife and Oral History Interviewing Guide. (247 pdf)



- CNN Timeline: High Profile  U.S. Spy Case of the Last Two Decades

- Raleigh Spy Conference



- Defense Industry Classifications: Top Secret, Secret, Confidential, and Restricted Date (Above Top Secret

- Proudly supports Laser Fest


- Marie Project Scrapbook

- Photo Gallery of SB Channel Island Shipwrecks










Rejoice because we can.





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