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Lost at Sea Memorial

Lost At Sea Memorial...Uncle Albert sits to honor the men of the Marie - his brother

On the coast of Santa Barbara, California, at the end of the Marina's breakwater walkway, you will find the "Lost at Sea Memorial".  This memorial, dedicated in 2005, to all those lost at sea over the include those lost in the Marie shipwreck tragedy.  Two whale tail benches, one smiling bronze dolphins head, two bronze plaques (One with the inscription "IN MEMORY OF OUR LOVED ONES WHOSE LIVES AND DESTINIES HAVE BEEN CLAIMED BY THE SEA" and another with the historical Indian image of the four dolphins circling Polaris.)

The 'Lost at Sea' memorial was a vision of Mjuiba Cabugos to honor her brother, Ted Cabugos, an experienced surfer and diver who drowned while kayaking.  Ms. Cabugos spearheaded the design and building of the memorial which was sponsored by family and friends.  Additionally, Ms. Cabugo's husband, Patric McAvoy, played a key roll as did sculptor James "Bud" Bottoms along with a generous grant from THE WOOD-CLAEYSSENS FOUNDATION.

An Observation and Question:  If a tourist happens by the memorial, they will notice the benches, dolphin, and bronze plaques.  What you won't find, however, is any identifying plaque of who the memorial honors, what circumstances,  who sponsored the building of the memorial or what year it was built.  Why?  Does this fact leave ones experience at the memorial somewhat unfinished?  Does it matter to you?  I'm interested in your perspective... contact.


Depicted above are two of Bud Bottom's Dolphin Family whale tail benches situated to allow visitors to sit, reflect, and honor memories of those lost while gazing out to sea.









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