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Men of the "Marie"

Dr. Niel F. Beardsley,  Raytheon Staff Scientist

L. Dale Howell, Scuba Diver, Crew Member

Harold (Hal) H. Mackie, Jr., Raytheon Electronics Engineer

H. James (Jim) McCaffrey, Crew Member

James (Jim) Russell, Raytheon Engineering Section Manager

Diego (Jim) S. Terres, Jr.,  Raytheon Mechanical Engineer


The MARIE Commemoration Art displays the men from the bottom up, in an order to facilitate telling the story.  It's the story of the Search and Rescue; therefore, the men are displayed from the bottom up in the order in which their bodies were recovered.  And in the case of the top three, these are those who remain lost to the sea.  From the bottom up:  Lovette, Mackie, Howell, Russell by June 21, 1960 these men were recovered while McCaffrey, Terres, and Beardsley were never scene again.


*(In search of a photo) Paul T. Lovette, Guest

* Images of men appeared in the Santa Barbara News-Press, Friday Evening, June 10, 1960




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