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Hugh James McCaffrey

H. James McCaffrey, 29, known by family and friends as Jim.  He was the hired Captain of the MARIE, project scuba diver, and part owner of the McCaffrey Sporting Goods store with Richard Dowse.   He graduated from Santa Barbara High School and attended the University of California at Santa Barbara.  He served in the Army and was a Korean War Veteran.  His next of kin at the time of his death was a wife who was expecting their fourth child.  Jim McCaffrey was lost at sea and one of the three victims never recovered.

"His father (Hugh) and uncle (William) founded the McCaffrey Bros. store here before the turn of the century (1899) after first having established the business in San Luis Obispo.  In the early days it was a liquor store, later a combination liquor and sporting goods store and in recent years, a sporting goods store, with Jim and his partner specializing in guns and skin-diving equipment."  Santa Barbara News Press, "In Sea Tragedy" June 10, 1960.

  * Image of McCaffrey appeared in the Santa Barbara News-Press, Friday Evening, June 10, 1960






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