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MARIE Search and Rescue

The Marie's Search and Rescue included a selection of America's finest ships, aircraft, individuals who devoted great effort and emotion to the June 1960 Search for victim's of the Marie in the Santa Barbara Channel.  Little could  have been done without those who serve at sea and assist in times like these. 

Coast Guards CG95334:  The Coast Guard's, Cape Sable, CG95334,  was the 95ft Cutter that became the Scene Commander (OSC) of the Marie Search and Rescue in the SB Channel.  This photo was shared by John C. Stites  (BMCM  Retired) who is pictured as the seventh from the right at the age of 23 years on the Cape Sable's July 1959, Commissioning day at Curtis Bay, Maryland.  Within the year John and the Cape Sable were searching for the victims of the Marie.  "The 95-foot or Cape class was an outgrowth of a need for shallow-draft anti-submarine-warfare (ASW) craft brought on by the increasing tensions during the years immediately following World War II." said the Coast Guard resource. .










Coast Guards CG83320 On site first searching for the Marie in the Santa Barbara Channel waters was the Coast Guardís CG83320.  The patrol boat searched until the CG95334 arrived.  The 83ft Patrol Boats were designed for off-shore ASW patrol.  Considered the workhorses during WWII, built to serve as escorts for coastal convoys that saw action in combat theaters, including off the coast of Normandy during the D-Day invasion, as well as in U.S. waters. These wooden-hulled, gasoline powered, open bridge vessels distinguished themselves as a coastal patrol boat.  More information see:  Photo by Ken Sutherland:




Coast Guard's UF-1G 1294:  Three Coast Guard's (UF-1G 1280, 1294, 1265) conducted air searches in the Marie Search and Rescue.  The first aircraft was sent from San Diego at 11:00AM on June 9, 1960 arriving on scene in the SB Channel by 1:00.  And a second aircraft was dispatch from San Diego at 2:40PM on the 9th while the UF-1G 1280 joined the search on Fri, Jun 10th.   The Grumman UF-1G/2G (later HU-16E) often called the "Albatross" or "Goat" and as an amphibious vessel considered a workhorse in the Coast Guard command.



Air Force C 119 One Air Force C 119 operated on a mission in the Santa Barbara Channel in service to the Marie rescue initiative.


Navy's Utility Boats:  One Navy utility boat served the Marie Search and Rescue operation. These vessels are fast and maneuverable.  (The photo here represents the vessel category as an exact picture has yet to be located.)



NAVY   USS King County The Navy's USS King County operated on a mission in the Santa Barbara Channel in service to the Marie rescue initiative.  The ship was commanded by Lieutenant Charles Gibbs June 1960.




Community Volunteers: Search efforts were continued on June 14, 18, and 23 1960 by a community of volunteers like the men from the greater Santa Barbara communities who circled Santa Cruz Island on the Sea Song, owned by Charles Beguhl.  With Beguhl on the boat were Frank Dobysns, Peter Volden, Julian Brown, Paul Smith, Glenn Grazee, Joe Fernandez, Gene McGeorge, Jim Bryson, Ed Deering, Albert Terres and Diego Terres Sr.  (father of one of the missing men).



No photo located

Coast Guard  CG1330.  This resource was on the scene all day Friday, June 10 searching.  We are in search of a picture and information about this resource.  Our assumption is that this is a helicopter.


No photo located

AIR FORCE 515   Joining the search from Oxnard Air Force Base is the Air Force 515.  This resource was searching Fri, June 10.  We are in search of a picture and information about this vessel.  Our assumption is that this is a helicopter.


  Check back... because there may be more ships, air craft, and folks identified as contributing to the MARIE Search and Rescue.



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